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We had a wonderful reunion. Even though I was wandering around blinding attendies with my camera flash, I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Photos will be posted later.

Bill Wyman created a 2 hour ish video. Along with the candids, he asked each attendee to tell about a memorable high school memory. There were some interesting stories. I think you will enjoy this $12 video whether you attended or not. Use the webmaster link below, tell him you want one and he will respond with instructions.

2001 Reunion BBQ 2001 Reunion BBQ

September 28thNo Host Cocktail Party at the Doubletree Hotel Lobby Bar from 5 to ? PM. Join your classmates for an informal gathering. Food and drink are available in the bar. Attire: Dressy casual
September 29thBarbeque. At the same location as last year (Whispering Pines Park in Monterey). Starting at Noon and going into the evening. Rick Dreher and his wife Kathy are in charge of the barbeque. It will be similar to last time. The price is $12/adults and $8/children age 12 and under.
This is also Cherry's Jubilee Weekend. There will be a dance Saturday night at the Monterey Marriott (across from the Doubletree at 350 Calle Principal) from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM or 12:30 AM with The Joe Sharino Band and/or The Ravens playing. See the Cherry's Jubilee Schedule. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Carol has made arrangements to buy tickets in advance for those that wish to attend. Attire: Casual
September 30thBreakfast at The Tinnery on Lovers Point at 10:00 AM. Price is $15 per person including tax and tip. Casual day - walk from The Tinnery to Hopkins Marine Station and back and/or visit the newly landscaped PGHS campus and/or possible trip to Laguna Seca to wander through cool cars (your ticket to the dance will allow access on both Saturday and Sunday at no charge) and/or whatever.

Thank you very much to:

Activity Classmate
Chairman Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
BBQ Rick & Kathy Dreher
BBQ Assist Dennis Sells
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Classmate Searches Doug Bird
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Friday Gathering Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
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Mailing Elodie Higgins
Mailing Bonnie (Bailey) Williams
Music Steve Uchida
Music Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
Music Tom MacDonald
Name Tags Gay (Davis) Millette
Prizes Linda (Culp) Chaney
Public Service Announcements Margaret (Dunipace) Baldwin
Saturday Dance Tickets Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
Sunday Breakfast Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
Treasurer Tom MacDonald
Video Taping Bill Wyman
Website Tom MacDonald
Yearbook on CD Tom MacDonald
Anything not mentioned Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale
If we've missed anyone, please email the webmaster below.

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