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This site is designed to help you find your high school classmates and keep up with new events.

6/29/14. Made some minor updates. Posted our 50th reunion date in 2016 - October 1, 2016. Added some grade school photos. Please take a look and see if you can provide or correct any names. Added some obits.

Updated 2/9/2013. Spammers found our Roster Update form. They think by filling it out they are posting on they site. They aren't - they are sending me an email. And a couple weeks ago they started sending me an email every 5 minutes. My solution at the time was to take down our Roster Update form. Today I thought I'd put it back up. Maybe they forgot about it. Obviously they have it automated. I can change the name but I have a link to it on about 500 pages. That means I would need to change 500 pages. A massive undertaking. Maybe one day . . . but for now, I've updated it in the menu section of this page and here Roster Update Form.

Updated 9/3/2011. Our reunion pages have the photos for all the reunions from 1986 to 2011. Have a couple for 1976 but would like more.
Am currently adding some of those reunion photos and any others I may have to individual classmate pages.
Updated 9/4/2011. Our 45th reunion was October 7,8,9. See more on our reunion webpage
Updated 11/5/10. I've created a group on Facebook called (what else) Pacific Grove High School Class of 1966. I did this for a couple reasons. First, I've found people change their email or physical address and don't tell me. I understand - I'm just not at the top of your thoughts. But with more and more people joining Facebook, this seemed like a good place to be able to communicate with our classmates or others that are part of our lives. Second, I come across interesting information or just a joke I'd like to share but I don't want to fill your email inboxes. So I've added a page called Jest for Fun to post them. I'll try to save the emails for what I think is important. So please sign in to your Facebook page, go to our group at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/home.php?sk=group_161004440599529&ap=1" and request to be added.

Update as of 7/30/10
Just went through the 1965 Juniors yearbook to see if I had missed some of our classmates (I don't have a rule they have to had graduated with us - just went to school somewhere along the way.) Some I know are ours. For others, I'm thinking they were in a different class but not sure. The 1965 year book was really messed up. I've probably already moved a dozen people out of this list that showed in our '65 yearbook as Juniors that I could positively place in another class.
So please let me know if you know for sure they were or were not part of our class. Of course, all are considered MISSING since I haven't been trying to track them for 44 years. If you know their contact, please let me know or ask them to go to this site to update their info. (I just put the 65 behind their name to help me find their picture when I add them to our site.)
See our Missing page for a full list.

Update as of 7/14/10.
Still looking for elementary school photos - especially those class pictures. Also looking for any reunions we had prior to 1986. The only one may be the 10 year in 1976.
A quick update as of 3/14/10
I just created a new page about the Monterey Pop Festival. If you were there, tell me about it and I'll add it to the page.

RosterA roster of all classmates from the PGHS Class of 1966
Roster update form
Update your info
Elementary School PhotosSend us your class photos. We will post them. Also need help with the names.
Junior High PhotosI have all of 7th and 8th grade. The names were part of the photo yet I see some names are missing or wrong.
ReunionsLinks to photos and notes on previous reunions
In Memory OfA page dedicated to our deceased classmates and faculty.
MissingClassmates we haven't found yet
What We Are Doing NowSee what your classmates are doing and tell us what you are doing.
Jest For Fun
People are always sending me a cartoon, joke or video that I think is worth sharing. But I've hated to fill your inbox so thought I'd just start putting them on the website.
Student Government Day
List of PG government positions and the students who filled them.
Monterey Pop FestivalStarts with the Pop Festival program and I'll be adding your experiences there.

Photo AlbumSend us your new or old pictures. I created this page when I first started this site. Since then, I've mostly put your photos either on your page or one of the reunion pages.
PGHS 1966 Yearbook on CDShipped on 3/3/03. You may still order.
PGHS Alumni AssociationSee what our high school alumni association is doing for us.
Pacific Grove LinksLinks to local area sites.

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